our mission

Giving Orphans,less priviledged and street children a safe home to stay and hope for the future

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Make donations

Change Life Orphanage Ministries Uganda greatly appreciates the support from any good samaritan where any contribution counts.

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Help & support

Change Life Orphanage Ministry provides all support to the needy children and the abondoned children in Uganda. We welcome any support available.

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our programs

We have a well programmed arrangement of child care and support from Uganda and we make sure our programmes are carried out on time

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We fight together

Because we are all humans

We care about others apart from children

The elderly are also humans

Our Projects in action

10$ / 500$


The Ministry is moving in different districts of Uganda to teach people different farming skills and provide them with some of the requirements like hoes,Slashers,and other farming tools which has helped the people in villages to acquire better skills in farming which includes poultry keeping, Animal rearing and crop growing.
400$ / 700$


We as Change Life Orphanage Ministry Uganda, provide relatively free education services to our children in different institutions and schools in Mityana district and Uganda atlarge. We have the Kindergarten children,Primary children, Secondary children, Institutions and University students.
400$ / 1000$


The Ministry is moving in different districts of Uganda spreading the Gospel of God to the people of Uganda and soon travelling to abroad to do the same because we have come up with a research that almost a half of the population of the world does not know about the existance of God.
100$ / 700$


Change life Orphanage Ministry Uganda started up a project that trains children the technical skills in Carpentry & Joinery in Mityana. This has helped the children who dropped out from school to acquire technical skills which have helped them to acquire a better life and also live like any other person in the world.